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In the Southern Song Dynasty, Emperor Zhao Gou was enchanted by the beautiful scenery in Xixi-a place renowned for its lyrical brooks and mist views, so he intended to build an imperial city here; later he visited Phoenix Mountain, upon twice thought, he at length gave up the idea to ruin the natural beauty for large-scale construction, and declared: "Leave the West Brook untouched". Since then Xixi has been endowed with more natural ecological beauty and unique artistic conception without the harassment of historical intrusions.

The Blossom Hill Inn Xixi (Hangzhou) is a village in a wetland, an extension of "Family" culture in Blossom Hill Inn and an ideal epitome of the eulogized "Chinese-style Happiness", what she tries to present is a warm and simple village civilization featured by "surpassing the kinship of blood and ethnic groups" and "return to the true nature of human".



The Blossom Hill Inn Xixi (Hangzhou) is located at the western area of Xixi National Wetland Park, by the entrance to the Longshezui Village, Wuchang Avenue of Yuhang District. This is the first resort village of Blossom Hill Inn, a new cultural and artistic conception initiated by the Blossom Hill Inn as well, it combined the elements of simplicity and ingenuity into the design, and presents an "Elegant unruliness" concept to create a lively playing world--to play with fun, to play with grace and with no constrain. Here the pure happiness is melted into the true beauty of nature, and to "play" has surpasses the boundary of time and space, virtuality and reality, everyone can find the true ego of themselves and return to innocence from the sharing and interactions of beauty and happiness, thus leading your purposeful life to an enjoyable level.






Dwelling residence in the village These are simple cabins in the primitive wetland, yet elegant space with meticulous designing as well. The simply-structured and large-size doors & windows lead directly to the open air thus blending the seasonal fun of Xixi into this cozy environment, particularly, an Age-reversing Room where you may enjoy the exclusive SPA service and a Youth Hostel which may accommodate eight guests and other breakthrough room types have been designed for your selection. The guest rooms are equipped with widescreen satellite TV, floor heating, air conditioning, tea with local favors, mini-bar, top-grade bedding and brand sanitary facilities etc. In addition, the whole village is designed with garden house, restaurant, coffee house, boardroom, infinity pool, SPA and an art theatre in which the newly-released blockbuster movies can be watched, to name a few, thus presenting the guests with bran-new holiday experiences.











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