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Situated inside a beautiful holiday resort, this is a place which needs to be appreciated with your heart; the unique depth of its history creates a pure resting place for body and soul.

Following no set pattern, Blossom Hill steps outside of the constraints of modern hotels and surpasses the thinking of traditional inns. Here, you can experience the comfort and privacy of a top hotel as well as an inn’s strong natural cozy atmosphere; it has the originality and the concierge service that you would expect from a boutique hotel, as well as the relaxation and pleasantness of a holiday resort.

At Blossom Hill Inn, we care about the quality and authenticity of your experience. We have meticulously integrated cultural elements particular to each Blossom Hill locale into a multitude of our dazzling facilities, which include a library, a restaurant that serves Western cuisine, a mini conference room, a tea house, a wine bar, a recreation room. Any lingering fatigue from your travels will be gone, replaced by a refreshing feeling of leisure. So relax comfortably, as our attentive steward service will ensure you a peaceful and pleasurable stay.





Neverland is situated at Number 97, Wenzhi Lane of Wuyi Street at Lijiang Ancient Town, Yunnan Province. Its next door neighbor is the only cathedral in Lijiang. Across the street is the former home of Fang Guoyu, a famous historian in Lijiang. Nestling in the center of the town, the area remains peaceful in this busy neighborhood, and has been the home for generations for the wealthy and influential families of Lijiang. At Neverland, the ancient architectural courtyard arrangement has been maintained to this day- transparently light and spacious, with exquisite wood carvings. Inside the courtyard, brooks guggle, flowers and trees are luxuriant and well-spaced; towers and pavilions appear in sight in every few steps. What a pleasure it is to stroll through the private garden or to sit in a corner while enjoying the stars in the sky?


Neverland is composed of one main courtyard and four attached courtyards. Using the Naxi features of the main courtyard as a base, we have built a tranquil, unsophisticated and elegant environment for relaxation; with the four attached courtyards designed according to a combination of styles, specifically the South's aquatic garden and the relaxed water scenery found in Southeast Asia. To ensure your privacy, Blossom Hill Inn offers you a choice of 18 exquisite suites, each one has its own entrance and an exclusive view. All the bedding is tailor-made for Blossom Hill Inn by the world-famous suppliers to top hotels. Toilets are equipped with high class Kohler fixtures; bathrooms are spacious and fitted with different bathing facilities such as showers, sauna and jacuzzi bathtubs. Meanwhile, all guest rooms are equipped with state of the art pumps which ensure a steady supply of hot water, so that you can really indulge yourself while bathing.


No.97 Wenzhi Lane Wuyi Street, the Ancient Town of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province

Tel: 0888-5169709





Blossom Hill•Joyland is situated at Number 55 Wenhua Lane Wuyi Street of the ancient town of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, adjoining the town’s oldest stone bridge – Wanzi Bridge. Across the street is Naxi Courtyard of Happiness, which demonstrates Naxi traditional marriage customs. Joyland and Neveryland, which is only about a hundred steps away, comprise together Blossom Hill Inn at the east side of the ancient town.

Joyland is composed of two big square courtyards, circled by two creeks in the front and at the rear. A bridge leads to the main entrance, the buildings look magnificent out of sheer simplicity. Being highest among the inns at the ancient town, these buildings look transparent and bright with exquisite wood carvings. All kinds of flowers grow elegantly inside and outside of the courtyards. You will feel content as you enjoy the scenes around you while sipping a cup of Pu’er Tea.


Each of the featured exquisite guest rooms has its own theme: Lost in Dongba, Ancient Town Layout, Mysterious Mosuo, Yuanyang Terraced Fields …, Stepping amid them, you seem to travel through lands with foreign customs. All the bedding is tailor-made for Blossom Hill by the world-famous suppliers to top hotels. Toilets are equipped with high class fixtures; bathrooms are spacious and fitted with various bathing facilities, such as showers, saunas and jacuzzi bathtubs. Meanwhile, all guest rooms are equipped with state of the art pumps which ensure a steady supply of hot water.


No.55 Wenhua Lane Wuyi Street, the Ancient Town of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province

Tel: 0888-5100188






Springland is situated at Number 36 Cuiwen Section, Xinhua Street, the Ancient Town of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. Located halfway up Mount Lion, it has a bird’s-eye view of the ancient town. At the foot of the mountain is the bar street, the perfect location for both social activities and moments of quiet. The natural spring, Spring of the Lion’s Milk, flows right through the courtyard. Its water is cool and sweet. Sitting at the observation platform, fetching a kettle of spring water to make a cup of Pu’er tea, you will sip a special redolence and enjoy a unique moment of leisure. Looking above, you will see there are white clouds and mountains in the mist, amidst which, there are clusters of houses reflecting each other. Looking back, there are brocades of blossoms in the profound courtyard. Nothing can compare with this intoxicating charm. Springland is composed of two independent main buildings, respectively named as Spring Heart Pavilion and Spring Sprit Pavilion. We offer you a choice of 8 meticulously made-up guest rooms, designed with unique views. The configuration of the rooms is in accordance with Blossom Hill Inn’s consistent level of refinement and comfort; top class bedding, jumbo-sized bathrooms, Kohler bathroom accessories and hot water circulation system, etc. One more particular thing to mention is that, considering the humidity in the mountains, we have made each room with a tailor-made under floor heating systemto ensure your comfort when you live beside the mountains, enjoying the springs.


No.36 Cuiwen Section, Xinhua Street, the Ancient Town, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province Tel: 0888-5128530




Weavingland, a mansion of the well-renowned head of a horse-drawn caravan in Lijiang over 300 hundred years ago, has ranked second among the major protected vernacular dwellings. The ancient Lijiang weaving machines have been reserved, attributing to the policy of “Replacing Headmen with Government-appointed Officers” which resulted in a change from Weaving House to Naxi Minority Weaving Culture Institute.

Weaving House, grounded on large traditional wooden structure of Naxi minority, has still witnessed the folk customs from such daily necessities like capes and pack baskets made by weaving girls on spot, and exhibited the weaving handicrafts from many minorities such as Naxi, Bai, Tibetan, Yi, Taliu minority etc. Staring at these dying traditional crafts, you may have an illusion of touching the weaving girls’ fashion clothing.




Blossom Hill·Lotusland is reconstructed from a building with a long history. It once served as the residence of the last county magistrate of Lijiang before Liberation. It used to be called “The County Magistrate Compound”. Now, embracing you with grace, delicate fragrance, refinement, elegance and a pureness unique only in Lijiang , this rebuilt mansion is given the poetic name, Lotusland. With chess culture as the featured theme, the whole compound is immersed in a style of antique beauty. Even each of the guest rooms has its provenance, originating from out of the ancient game-of-go manuals in the Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties, containing profound historical memory and cultural value. Relax, sunbathe, read, or sip tea in the courtyard, while letting time slowly pass as you let go of every perplexing disturbance and achieve a purification of your mind, searching for life’s truth. Or you can make a game-of-go playing on the chessboard. You’ll enjoy the delight of playing and the wisdom gained from the victory or defeat. Or you can stand by the bookshelves, swimming in the sea of knowledge, feeling the collection of wisdom, enrichment of experience, and sublimation of life. Or when sipping your tea while chatting, you will savor your life, taste your livelihood, enjoy Lijiang and admire Lotusland. Or you can spend time in the audio & video zone, enjoying an afternoon tea, the fresh flowers, as well as the pleasure of being lazy. lso,, there is a self-service kitchen of great temperament and interest…With all of the above, you may fully immerse yourself in what is Lotusland enjoying the softness of time in the highland. Whether there is wind or not, whether during tranquility or bustle, being alone or accompanied, you will be bestowed with an exceptional leisure and comfort from Lotusland.






Blossom Hill •Peaceland is right neighboring Zhongyi Market—the most distinctive of local flavored fairs in Lijiang Ancient Town, transport and traveling are very convenient here, it only requires a 3-mimute walk to reach the famous scenic spot:Mu’s Residence. Peaceland is cheifly constituted by 3 parts, the main yard, supplementary yard and backyard, the main yard is characterized by its spacious magnificence, the supplementary yard impresses you with its exquisite uniqueness, while the backyard, peaceful yet with elegant tranquility. The 18 guestrooms are well arranged amongst the restaurants, studies and audio-video rooms; the chic locality arrangement is highlighted with numerous sceneries, even one step forward, you will enjoy strikingly different views, yet all the sceneries are harmoniously set and penetrating into each other. Another prominent feature in Peaceland is the Self-Service Kitchen, with the locality advantage of neighboring Zhongyi Market; you can buy the fresh and authentic local foodstuff conveniently, and showing your culinary skill in the kitchen, it’s nothing but fun!





Located at the Wangulou Park of Lion Mount in Lijiang Ancient Town, the Blossom Hill Inn • Skyland is the utmost top-notch yard of Lijiang Blossom Hill Inn. With trees embracing and birds twittering amongst the fragrance of flowers, the winding path leads you to the secluded quietness and the natural air anion bar gives you the true peaceful leisure. In the yard, the luxuriantly green trees are thriving, lush flowers are in full blossom; with the dotted waterside pavilions, you are likely to wonder whether this is a fairyland or simply in a dream. Here are 12 super grade guesthouses for your selection, all named after the 12 legendary beauties in The Red Mansion, among which there are two sets of mountain-view suites, you can sit on their second floors and enjoy the magnificent views of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Even when you take a bath in the washtub near the window, while feeling the warmness of the hot water climbing onto your shoulders, you can take a glimpse of the snow mountain through the tiny branches of tree; the breeze blows softly, and the mountain reappears gleamingly, isn’t it a cozy enjoyment. Besides, there are prepared with tea house, book bar, sunlight restaurant and waterway platform in the yard. And about a hundred steps walk from the yard gate; you will get to the highest point of this ancient town--Wangulou tower. Climbing up the tower, and looking far into the distance, you can catch the panorama of the town, the surrounding Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the Wenbi Peak and all the other eye-feasting views. Yet if you walk downward along the stone steps, it only takes you 8 minutes to get to the Sifang Street—center of the town. The peak and foot of the mountain, the wonderland and earthly world, all switched in a flash.

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