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Although memory has dulled over time, and Lucy can't be sure if the story is true or made-up, gradually she comes to realize that her profound courtyard complex originates from the happy recollections of her childhood.
Without doubt, her grandparents’ home was the prettiest house in the village! Though not very rich, her laborious grand parents artfully used their wit to let the simple small house, a standard square courtyard in the suburbs of Tianjin, grow amongst flowers of jasmine, morning glories, and with rosebushes climbing on the walls. The most impressive flower is the hollyhock whose strings in the summer, flower throughout the summer vacation, arranged in fragrant patterns and with vivid colors. The place for dining and relaxation is situated below the high grape trellis in front of the main house compound. One of the daily games involved stealing pre-mature green grapes while the grandparents were taking a nap. The whole courtyard was dotted unevenly with date trees, mulberries, apple trees, peaches, persimmons and masculine  pomegranate trees that would only bear fruitless flowers; even the fences were occupied by kidney beans, bitter gourd and towel gourd, which, as vegetable varieties from the south, were cultivated like treasures by Grandpa … towards the evening, smoke from the stove curled upwards above the cooking bench and the air was filled with fragrance of food. Like a magician, Grandma could always make yummy food out of simple stuff. At festivals, she would send neighbors some small dishes, which helped spread joy among the whole village… life could not be better than this.
Time permeates memories; the lingering nostalgia and insuppressible yearnings illusively change into sweet concerns, calling on Lucy to bring the house of memories back into the real world, to change the most sincere of feelings into concrete bricks and tiles, and to construct Blossom Hill Inn, the house of dreams and aesthetics, with the most grandiose imagination. 

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