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In the 14th year of Daoguang Emperor's ruling era, Pan Shi'en, Mr. Pan Zuyin's grandfather, was rewarded a royal grant--a Summer Palace mansion. In order to reciprocate the emperor's benevolence, his second son Pan Cengying, imitated the pattern of the rewarded Summer Palace mansion and reconstructed the old house on the Cobblestone South Street, the newly built mansion was a south-facing magnificent one, consisting of four courtyard houses in total with larger houses encircling smaller ones. 

According to the blueprints drawn in 1950s by the hand of the distinguished Chinese ancient architecture and garden scholar, Mr. Chen Congzhou, The Blossom Hill Inn architects conducted meticulous renovation over the ancient mansion with authentic ancient crafts, and relived the bi-millennial wealth, honor and elegance of the ancient Suzhou in a single place, a place called Blossom Hill Inn.






















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