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Shangri-La Holyland Blossom Hill Inn is located at the Dugushuo No.15, Cangfang District, Dukezong Ancient Town, Shangri-La County. It neighbors Guishan Park, and it is very close to Chandni Chowk. Following the path in front of the doorstep, you can directly find the Holyland Art Space of Blossom Hill Inn, where the special bars and unique sightseeing platforms are elegantly set awaiting your exploration. The two court yards are less than a hundred meters apart, and requiring only one minute’s walk.



Each room is furnished with Tibetan style furniture, carpet and butter-tea pot etc, and many are valuable collections. The facilities provided in the rooms can match those of star hotel's in quality, all the hotel linens are customized designs provided by the International premier hotel group suppliers, even the bathroom accessories are selected from the top brands, and the HJF for drying clothes as well as the whole series of L'occitane could further let you experience the meticulous and considerate services of Blossom Hill Hotels and Resorts.






Blossoms in All Seasons, Springs Around the Year Here the courtyards are awash in blossoms all around the year, when the door is pushed open, you will immediately feel the cozy sunbeam streaming from the glass ceiling, warm yet not blazing. The storefront restaurant is adjacent to the book bars, the spacious windows of which are thoroughly transparent and clear, just like a natural camera aperture, and are always ready to capture the beautiful sights for the beauty hunting eyes. In the room, the original Tibetan furniture is supplemented with top brand sanitary facilities, and the full coverage of floor heating system will lavish the warmth and passion to our guests. On the meditation sill by the window, you can either sit for za-zen to calm your mind, or enjoy your tea and view the sceneries afar. In the distance lie the snow-capped mountains, and the largest Praying Wheel in the world is just near at hand. Restaurants, book bars, audio-video rooms and Spa services are available in all varieties. Thus it is here you are indulged with books, Buddhist scripture rolls, delicacies and music, it is here you can lavish yourself with relaxation and relish, sudden enlightenment and spirit precipitation...



In the Tang Dynasty, the Tubo Empire set the Shenchuan Governor Office. One living Buddha noticed in the opposite distance that Guishan resembled Guru Rinpoche sitting on lotus flower, thus an official mountain stronghold was built and later expanded to a town surrounded with stonewall. The entire layout was designed like a eightfold lotus, and the town was named "Dukezong", carrying a connotation "town of moonlight". The first branch of Blossom Hill Inn in Shangri-La is right erected on the Guishan, less than 100 meters away from the Holyland Blossom Hill Inn. Like two dewdrops on lotus flower petals, one overlooking the other, the two courtyards are bathed in the beams of the sun and moon, safeguarding the lotus throne of the Guru Rinpoche. Shangri-La Holyland Blossom Hill is designed with the theme of Meditation, the five mansions of which are respectively named Pema (lotus), Myrtle (flower), Kelsang (good fortune), Drolma (Tara), Sanchi (Enlightenment). Many rooms are provided with meditation sills, quietly laid down by the windows. Here is the center of Holyland, where is the closest place to Heaven. Sitting here, it seems as if you can discern every corner of the world crystal clear, you can drift away and transcend from earthly trifles, with on reminiscence of the past and no fear for the future, just like the holy white snows melting into a silent lake.


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