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Season’s Land was the former Residence of Dai, a once famous and grand house in Zhouzhuang. Situated by the side of Zhenfeng Bridge on Western Street of Mid Town, it was built in the early years of the Republic of China by the three brothers of the Dai family, merchants of Zhejiang. Facing south, this big house has the architectural pattern of a riverside and lakeside residence., with workshops in the front, living area upstairs and stores downstairs.

Still maintaining its original elegant demeanour, today’s Dai Residence has been transformed into Season’s Land, a high class private inn with refinement, comfort and warmth.

Oriental Cherry, Jade Lotus, Orange Osmanthus, Chinese Cymbidium … all the names of the guest rooms are originated from the four season’s plants and flowers.


Even naming of the public areas is influenced by the 24 solar seasons. For instance, Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice are two of the dining rooms for Chinese and western food. Insects Awaken is the name for the reading room, and Great Heat and Frost’s Descent are names of rooms in the recreation area.


Today’s Season’s Land is like a scroll of water color: guests stroll amid blossoms in spring, walk across deep shade in summer, harvest plentiful fruits in autumn, and then wait for natures rest in winter, embracing a brand new self among any season.


Rivers and lakes, the ancient town, Kunqu opera, and a house grown up out of clusters of flowers, Just like passing through different seasons, when you stroll along these scenes, you will have a taste of the unearthly refinement and elegance, and experience the super-lunar and detached calmness. detached calmness.


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